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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Draagu Review: Make Money By Selling Pictures Online

A just discovered a new way which you can using in making money online by just selling pictures taken by you.

It is called Draagu. In this Draagu review, I will show and teach you how you can start selling pictures you snapped for as high as £2 per picture

Draagu is a highly respected app that helps its users make cool money, no one would easy believe Draagu is legit but am telling you in case you don't know that Draagu is extra legit,it has no scam record or record of not paying it userdtso be rest assured

If you are the type that love taking or snapping picture then you must try this out.

This money making app has been out for a while but it not too viral, I just saw a friend of mine snapping and I asked him how everything works and he put me through, since then I have been enjoying Draagu

This app might cast later bacuse when it becomes too viral, people will misuse it and they app might stop paying or it might be closed down so let take advantage of it while it last now

I know your are doubting this because I also doubted but when I got alerts, I stooped doubting and i think you need this too.

You can check the payments proof below to clear you doubts

Proof 1 
Proof 2

How to join and make money with Draagu

To get started, you need to download Draagu's mobile app on google play store, you can search for it on google play store 

Next thing you do is to signup to this program, you can register using Facebook or your google account (email/gmail )

You get approved immediately, Draagu approves users immediately and you get a mail from them once you register

To get started with the photo  business, you click on REQUEST, it is located at the top corner of the Draagu's app, check the type of pictures needed and check if they are in you region.

Next thing you do is that you submit you image and once it matches their request, they ask for your PayPal mail or your bank account details so they can send you yours payment instantly.

Draagu pays as low as 2€(over #800)per approved picture and much as €56(over #22,000), it depends on the quality of the picture and the company that you worked with.

They request  for images like land scape pictures, animals pictures, picture of the environment etc

They need pictures taken by you and not downloaded pictures.

They only support three payment methods now which is PayPal, bank transfers and western union, you can choose any of the payment options.

Companies use the pictures you provided for adverts so you have 100% privacy, your pictures are not used for scamming or doing illegal stuffs, you photos will only be with the company you sold it for, they don't share it with people anyhow.

You get notified once the picture you submitted is approved and accepted.

You do not need any special camera or photography skills to start using Draagu.

Hope you enjoyed this Draagu review?

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