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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

How To Make Money Online Doing Legit Business In 2018

Making legit money online has not been too easy, but a lot of smart peeps make cool money through the help of the internet.

I know what brought you here is your search for How to make money online which I will explain well In this post, just keep reading.

A lot of people scam, do fraud and illegal things online, they make money with it thou but it is never legal and you can get busted by the security officials working with cyber crimes.

Making money online is easy and same time difficult, it just depends on the way you handle it.

If you read this post to the end, I will show you easy ways to make money online.

How to make money online: 7 easy ways

1. Blogging: Blogging is a simple form means the process or act of sharing useful informations to a targeted group of people, does information you share with them should help them solve specific problems. Blogging has grown so big that a lot of people into it earn a living from it which you can do too.

Making money from Blogging needs your hardwork, smartness, perseverance,  and persistency. It not a day job or something you achieve over night. 

You can start Blogging for free on free platforms like blogger, etc but you need to play your game well to make it in Blogging.

Blogging is more than having a blog, publishing contents on it.

2. Freelancing: This is the process of offering a skill you are capable of doing to people, firms or organizations.

Before you can start Freelancing, you need to have a skill, if you don't have one, the internet is a large place where you can learn a lot of new skills for free. YouTube is also there for you learn new skills and develop you skills.

You can offer skills like:

Content writing
Logo making
Graffics designing
Web designing; etc

You can put up your skills at freelancing sites like: ;etc

You can get as low as $10 for just designing a logo and as much as $500, it just depends on how good your work is and how you market and brand you self.

Many people have good work but the lack branding and that is bringing their work down

3. YouTube: If YouTube isn't on the list of how to make money online then I think everything we are writing and talking about since are just jokes.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, it is the largest video site in the world,millions of videos have been posted on YouTube.

Making money from YouTube is not so easy, you can head over to YouTube, create a  channel, upload videos but you won't still make a penny and you might just have five videos and you make reasonable amount of dollars, pounds euros or what ever currency you use.

To use YouTube well, I advice you to enroll In YouTube courses online so you can know how it works and how you can get started

4. Social media analyst: This one isn't too common but it really pays a lot, the reason I don't like this one is because you need to get some training before you can start it.

You can help people get;
More Facebook page likes
Increase Facebook page engagement
Help people run Facebook ads
Help people run Instagram ads
Help people run twitter ads
Get people more followers on Instagram and twitter ; and many more

You charge people when you help them do any of the thing listed up there.

A friend of mine run Facebook advert for people and he collect 10% of your ads budget, so if you want to run an ads with budget of $1000, he gets 10% which is $100, that is cool

Anyone with proper and intensive training can do this, social media is a nice way to grow business so people are looking for social media analyst which can help them grow their business

5. Affiliate Marketing: This is the process whereby, you promote a product which isn't yours in other to get a commission from it.

Affiliate marketing is a nice way to make money online, you can get commissions as high as 80% of the product price.

It is really legit and I my self have been using it for a while now and am really enjoying it.

All  you need to do is;

Find a profitable affiliate program in your niche
Find cool products
Promote them
Get sales
Get paid

It as simple has that but you need to find your sure ways of promoting you affiliate products, everyone has different techniques so mine might be different from yours, you just have to find the one that works best for you

6. CPA: CPA means cost per action, this looks similar to affiliate marketing but you do not have to sell a product is this one.

You just need people to complete offers and you good to go.

You can refer People to fill forms, submit emails, test apps and other things so you can get paid

You earn as low as $2 and as high as $50-100 per action. It is highly lucrative. A lot of people including me use it because it is very cool.

You need to know how to drive traffic to your offers,and not just traffic but targeted and profitable traffic.

7. Cypto trading: I don't do this but I know peeps who do it and make good money of it.

It just a matter of investment, you can invest in online currencies like bitcoin, litecoin, ETH, and many more.

You need to have proper understanding of how they work so you won't lose your money.

I listed seven way on how you can make money online, I advice you to try them out and find the online that works fine for you. Don't do all cause of greediness, just figure out the one that works best for you and work properly with it.

See you at the top, cheers!

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