Sunday, July 8, 2018

Nnu income program review: Make money with your facebook account daily (The real one)

Good day my people. Today am going to review a legit online making platform called Nnu income program. You might have heard of it and be wondering if it is legit or a scam.

NNU means Nigeria News Update
NIP means NNU income program

NIP was launched in July 2017 by Paul samson. 

Paul samson is the owner of G-Cyber Technologies, the popular Coolnaira, Eboss foundation and many more.

He has created alot of money making streams for Nigerians.

NNU is a site that pays you when you read their post, comment on it and share it on facebook. It also pays you when you refer people to join


Anyone can join NNU like 

Civil servants
Job seekers
Internet marketer
Under graduates
Admission seekers
House wife's ; and many more

In this NNU income program review / Nip review, i will be giving you the breakdown of the amount you can earn on each activity done on the site. Check it out below

Daily login = N50

Posting of sponsored post on facebook = N100

Reading of sponsored post = N100
Reading of other news = N2

Commenting on other news or post = N2

Successful referral of new members = N1000

The payment Threshold is N5000 which will be paid to your bank account

You don't need to refer before you earn

Let calculate how much you can earn in a month without and with 5 referrals

Without referrals: 350/day * 27 days= 9,450 . That pretty okay.

With referrals 5 referrals * N1000 each = 5000
5000 * 9,450 = 14,450 in 27 days and that okay

Requirements to join nnu

An andriod phone

Data or wifi


An Email address

A bank account

How to join NNU  

You need a payment fee of N1,600 which is a one time payment.

You then follow This link . It my referral link but it will make you get approved within one hour. But if you register with direct, you might not be approved in a week , some users even complain of not getting approved after 2 weeks of making payment

After you click the link above, you will see a write up about this nnu income. Just ignore it and click on registration button

A form will come out. Then fill out the form(please fill the form with correct information)

Chose a form of payment (use vogue pay if you have ATM card)
Then click continue..

A new window will come out where you will fill in your ATM details.
After that click on the pay button.

Wait a minute, they will send you a message to your gmail.

That how to register on Nnu income program

But wait.... You a just a few step closer to making money from NIP.

If you followed MY LINK up there, use this trick to get quick approval with minutes of paying, if you didn't you can still follow this link to sign up.

Send your Payment screenshot and debit alert to "" and    
"" with this Message attached to it "A humble request for the approval of my newly created Nnu income account" You will also put your login details (email,username and password) You then wait for them to email you.

How to start making money after approval:

Go to your dashboard

Click on sponsored post

You will see a link name sponsored post, click on it and you will see a post and their dates, choose the one you haven't share

Just download the image and copy the text

Come to your Facebook account and paste the text with the image

Then go back and comment on the post...

That all you need to start making money with Nnu income program also known as Nip income.

Comment your thoughts about this site and also share this post with friends and family

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