Friday, August 24, 2018

Bluehost Affiliate: How To Make Over $65 On Every Successful Hosting Plan Sales (Updated Version)

Bluehost affiliate is currently on of the most used and highest paying affiliate programs now.

They paid over $5 million to their affiliate last year and already paid more than that in this year.

It has nice hosting packages which makes people use them. 

They have data centers in Asia, USA, Canada and Uk.and they are also registered under ICANN.

Another interesting part of bluehost affiliate program is that you don't have to purchase their hosting plan before you can join their affiliate program.

They pay you $65 on every sign up and hosting purchase made through your link.

Their hosting plan starts from $3.95 a month, they pay you $65 when a user purchases it, No matter how small the plan purchased is, they pay you same $65.

Their hosting services are cool so they know that more than 95% of those referred will stay more than a year so they make more than the $65 they paid those who referred the customers.

The main reason why you get more sales when you promote them is because they are popular and they have good and high reputation, so people like buying their plans.

Bluehost affiliate continue to pay you as long as people you referred continue to renew their plan or when they update their plan.


1. You must have a blog because you will need a blog while signing up

2. Apply for bluehost affiliate program through this link and filled all the required filled. Wait for approval, it takes led than three days.

You can also sign up through Commission junction.

3. Get your affiliate links, banners and start promoting: After approval, in you dashboard, you will see promotional materials which you can use to promote their packages online.

Make sure when sharing their link, you share The one having you unique tracking code so you can get commission.

Bluehost affiliate pays every month through PayPal and the payment threshold is $100.

You can sign up through click bank, shareasale or commission junction so you can receive you payment through payoneer.

You can get people buy through your link by promoting their offer on your social media pages, by running ads on google AdWords, or Facebook ads.


Write quality review about them and include you affiliate links in the articles, insert your banner codes in your blog post, sidebars and other captivating part on your blog.

Offer free blog designing and free blog installation when they buy through your links.

Let your email subscribers, chatbot subscribers know about it, share useful tutorials like how they can start cheap blogs to them and when sharing tutorials to them, don't let it look like spam to them.

If you have any questions about the Bluehost affiliate, you drop a comment.

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