Friday, August 24, 2018

How To Become Siteground Affiliate And Get High Commission On Each Sign up (2018 Version)

Siteground affiliate has been up for a while now and many people wishing to make money online still don't know about them.

Siteground it self is a webhosing site where people can purchase domain and hosting plans.

Siteground has been on the internet for awhile and they boost of many users, they have a nice reputation and it also respected online.

Siteground affiliate program looks like Hostgator affiliate program which we have talked about here before.

When you refer one person, you get $50 and when your referrals gets to 21, Siteground affiliate pays you $125 for each of the referrals which you get next.

It works like this:

$50 per sale up to 5 Sales
$75 per sale for 6-10 Sales in a month
$100 per sale for 11-20 Sales monthly
$125 per sale for 21 sales and above

I love them because of their high commission and fast payout

Anyone can join Siteground affiliate program because it completely free to join and it has no extra charges.

You can join through this  link. Follow the link and fill all the require field correctly, do not make any mistakes. Their approval is very easy and it does not take upto two days.

They pay at every week with no payment threshold. If only one person buy a hosting plan through your link, you get $50 and you will get paid.

You can get paid through check or ACH(For people with high earnings) and PayPal.

Your account get credited after 30 days which the hosting plan is purchased by the person you refer.

Making money from Siteground affiliate program is not so difficult but can be if you do it wrongly.



1. Through chatbot marketing: You can send messages to you Facebook chatbot subscribers about Siteground hosting packages, you need to know your audience well and also know how you can get the best out of them. Do it in a way which it won't look like spam or in a way which they won't think you're forcing the product on them.

2. Writing reviews: When you write reviews about the plans with you banners, coupon codes and your affiliate link inserted in them, people can read the review and I'd they are interested in the plans, they might buy through you, but always write honest review of a product so you won't loose your audience or subscribers.

3. Running social media ads or Google Ads: This area might be a little bit technical and difficult if you have no knowledge about it and it can also be same time converting if you are good in it. 

It requires a little investment to get  referrals, you can get many referrals with a little price and you might get little or none after spending hugely on ads. You need to learn how they work and master them so you won't waste money.

The three methods above are the ways which I make money from Siteground affiliate weekly, you too can, discover your own ways too, there are many other method apart from the three stated above.

Siteground affiliate is a real, legit, paying and easy to understand affiliate program.

Join and make money now.

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