Monday, August 20, 2018

Jumia Affiliate Program: How To Make Legit Money Online Promoting Products

Making money online has several techniques which you can employ, you just need to know which will work well for you, one of the techniques or methods which you can use to make money online is affiliate marketing. Jumia affiliate program is a nice way which you can use in making money online by simply promoting Jumia's product.

Incase you don't know what jumia is, it is the largest online store is Africa for buying and spellings and it Worth's over $5 millions. 

You can make a lot of money by promoting their products both online and offline. 

If you are just starting out in affiliate marketing, I advice you to try the because they offer high commission on their products. Check the commissions below: 

Install €0.1

Mobiles & Tablets 5%

Automotive & Motorcycles 6%

Books & Stationary 10%

Cameras & Accessories 6%

Computing 5%

Default 4%

Fashion 12%

Games & Consoles 4%

Health & Beauty 10%

Home & Living 7%

Kids & Babies 7%

Sports & Fitness 10%

TVs, Audo & Video 5%

So you can now see they offer high commission.

For instance, sport and fitness accessories offers you 10% commission on every successful referral you referred which purchased a product within 30 days which you referred him, you get a whooping 10% of the payment. I.e, if your referral both a soccer booth for as low as N20,000, you get N2000 which is pretty much, when your referral also buy a product with high amount like N1,000,000, you get N100,000 which is 10% bonus

Getting referrals might be hard at times and it can also be easy, it depends on how you do handle it and you effort towards it.

Jumia Affiliate Program is no doubt one of the best in Nigeria because of its high commission. A lot of people cashout from it monthly including me.

Who can join Jumia affiliate program? Anybody that has interest in making Money online can join. It has no special fee for joining, its absolutely free.

Students, bloggers, civil and government workers, traders full time house wife etc can all join Jumia affiliate.

Things you should know about Jumia affiliate program  

1. Anybody can join 
2. It's legit and paying
3. They payout every month ending
4. The payment threshold is just N5000
5. They have high commission
6. They offer banner ads and affiliate/referral links for easy tracking of sales
7. Good and fast support system
8. It is free to join

What do I need to join Jumia affiliate:

1. A smartphone or a laptop/computer
2. A functional mail that will be used during registration and for confirming account
3. A functional back account which will be used for receiving payments

So I know what you are waiting for now is how to Join The Jumia affiliate program, chill, I advice you not to switch on any VPN when signing up because it might not let the site load fast.

How to sign up:

2. Use your desired mail and fill all the required spaces
3. Check your mail and click on the link sent to you to activate your account.
4. Login in to your account and see you shining dashboard.

That all for signing up.

How to get banner ads code:

Click on Tools >> Banners >> Advertising offer(choose the country you are in e.g Nigeria) >> Banner code(choose the size that you want and also the shape or design that suit you) >> finally copy the code and paste it on your site or blog.

How to check your Jumia Affiliate account earnings:

Click reporting, select the country, set the time and date you wish to see the detailed sales conversation, then you will see how much you have made, the products that made you got commissions from and also number of sales you got

How to get you special affiliate link:

After signing in and choosing your country,
Click tools >> link builders >> put the real product link in the first box titled "PAGE URL" >> Copy the link in the Last box titled "FINAL URL"

Easy ways to get people to referrals in the Jumia affiliate program:

1. Share the links with your friend and family, also try to convince them to buy the product and why they should, try and let them buy through you link

2. Write a review about the product you are promoting and use your affiliate link in the product review so when the reader wants to buy, there will be higher probability of him or her buying through you

3. Use the banner ads on your blog

4. Share links on social media sites like Facebook, Twiiter, Instagram 

5. Run paid ads using you links, it might involve a little amount but is has high conversion rate

If you are yet to join Jumia affiliate program today, hurry up and join the team. 

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